Angel Tree

The Angel Tree project runs annually and is uniquely funded by the public. During the month of December, underprivilaged children from our various projects are given the chance to wish for an item of their choice. 
We then pass these on to our partner Kluang Mall, which registers the wishes and hangs them on individual cards from the Angel Tree located in Kluang Mall.
Anyone who wishes to send a child a gift needs only to pick a card and purchase the corresponding gift for the child,

Gifts are then collected by mall staff and passed on to our awesome army of ribbon twirling, duct tape wielding volunteers who can make the oddest shaped present into a yummy bundle of eye-candy!

Come Christmas morning, the mountain of gifts disappears into a heap of gift-wrap rubble accompanied by beaming faces as the children tear eagerly into their long-anticipated present.

Interested in being part of this? Click here