Uniforms for Kids

Started in 2010, Uniforms for Kids was created in partnership with local vendors to provide school kits for the underprivileged children each new school year. For many of the families that we work with,providing the basics of a school uniform and stationary for their children proves to be a heavy burden. By giving these children school kits, we hope to encourage and reward their persistence in pursuing an education 

In the past two years, we have raised a total of RM93,000 to successfully provide 993 school-going children with full uniform sets and school stationary to begin the new academic year. School kits start at RM95 for a primary school children and RM110 for a secondary school child with each kit containing:
- 2 shirts
- 2 pairs of pants
- A pair of shoes
- 2 pairs of socks
- A school bag
- Stationery

Want to donate a school kit or make a contribution towards this project? Click here!