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We meet individuals with a variety of needs – lack of food, shelter, clothes, education – but most of all, a lack of hope. With your help, we can help them believe that a brighter future is with reach.

We are always on the lookout for volunteers with big hearts, a can-do attitude and a genuine belief in human potential is always possible. 
If that sums you up, we would love to hear from you!
Tell us what skills and experience you would like to offer and we’ll be in touch!

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Have a truck free on weekends? Have access to educational materials? Able to provide foodstuffs at wholesale prices? Packed up boxes of used clothes to be given away?

As we work to better the lives of others through the various means of food, jobs, education and more - we are always on the  lookout for like-minded partners who can bridge the gap between their struggle to a stable place.
Even a small gesture plays a big role - if you feel that you would be a good partner for us do get in touch with us!

Email us here and we’ll help channel your resources to the ones who need them the most

Are you a college student who wants something more than just another entry on your resume? We need interns who want to make a real change in the lives of others, to invest their time, energy and creativity into something that would last far longer than just the few months of the internship.
Be warned though, there will be no glamorous titles, no fancy offices and no ritzy lunches. All we provide is a chance for you to see how your own actions can change lives for the better. All that and a good load of fun, real life-transforming stories and the best charcoal-grilled toast this side of the world.
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