I Love Kluang

It all started with an individual who came to us in 2009 with stories of two families living on the fringes of poverty, soon to lose even the ramshackle hut they called home.
This led into what was supposed to be a quick visit into a discovery of an entire community living along the railway tracks desperate for a helping hand.

The ‘I Love Kluang’ project has since then grown from its simple beginnings as a food distribution project, into one that has served more than a hundred families in terms of job placement, registration with the national welfare program (E-Kasih), disability registration, IC registration and so much more.

Beyond this, the project has formed the backbone of Cross Community Kluang, bringing likeminded volunteers and sponsors together to make a lasting change for our community.
Through the selfless acts of compassion and the commitment to support their fellow men in need, the heart of the project beats with the unwavering conviction that change is possible for a better city and country.

Our monthly food distribution and visitations happen on the first Friday and Saturday of the month.

Find out more about how you can be a part of this by clicking here