R.O.C.K House

Redeeming Our Community Kids (ROCK) House is the educational arm that seeks to help kids not only stay in school, but to excel in their studies.
Kids that come to the ROCK House have a history of interruptions to their basic education – many are illiterate, or are placed in grades way above their learning ability due to the school system.
So we’ve come up with a space where kids can practice their reading, wrestle with spelling and finally make sense of what the rows of alphabets mean.

The kids who come to the ROCK House are given one-to-one help from our volunteer tutors, giving them a chance to study at their own level and catching up with their school work. All kids are registered in local schools and must maintain consistent attendance in order to attend lessons at the ROCK House.

We’ve seen the beaming faces of kids who finally passed a previously failing subject, with the realization that they too had the potential for success academically.

But it’s not just about grades here. Storybooks and other educational materials are freely available for the kids – some of whom don’t even have a single non-textbook to call their own.

There are also visits from volunteer groups who plan crafts, games and other childhood indulgences which give the kids a chance to let loose, fire up their imaginations and just have good old fun!

Got your  interest piqued? Click here to volunteer as a teacher or even to plan a fun activity day with the kids